Modest Wedding Dresses

Modest wedding dresses don't necessarily come in plain, boring designs. Of course your dream is to find the perfect gown, but holding to that ideal doesn't mean spending a fortune either. There are many modest wedding dresses available that are not only affordable, but beautiful too - if you know where to look for them.

The dress of your dreams may be extravagant and expensive, but it may not be realistic for you to spend that much. Listen to your conscience when it's telling you to look for modest wedding dresses within your budget. But you don't need to worry that you won't be beautiful on the day of your wedding. There really are so many ways to find affordably priced wedding dresses that will make you shine on your wedding day.

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First of all, don't assume that you have to shop within the bridal department. The price of a dress goes way up once it's labeled a 'bridal gown'. The formal wear section or prom dress section of a department store may turn up some surprising results. You can find many elegant gowns in stores around Christmas and New Year's, and many of these dresses would be very appropriate to wear as a wedding dress.

But is a bridal salon your first choice as a place to shop for your wedding gown? The average bride begins planning her wedding at least six months in advance, which would allow you to take advantage of bridal salon sales. Great sales and deals are to be found as early in the year as July. In addition, look for sample dresses and the actual models that are on display; their condition is usually identical to dresses on the racks. Many modest wedding dresses are such great deals because they are the last remnants of discontinued lines. Some gowns that were custom-ordered have never been picked up. If you can find a gown like this, it's a fantastic way to keep your wedding spending from breaking the bank.

Even the most expensive veil will be much less than a wedding gown. Purchase a more expensive, elegant veil, and then spend less on the wedding dress itself.

Classified ads in your area newspaper often turn up very gently used dresses, or you can find great deals on modest wedding dresses that are brand new on eBay. Just because a dress is advertised as 'used', doesn't necessarily mean the dress has ever been worn. Sadly, there are times when weddings have to be called off. And while you're online checking out eBay, use your favorite search engine to look for other good sales on bridal gowns. Use the words 'wedding dress' and either 'sale' or 'inexpensive' for your search terms; the results will surprise you.

Shopping for modest wedding dresses might not seem quite as exciting as shopping for couture gowns, but it has its own rewards. A high price tag is not essential to looking beautiful on your wedding day. All it takes is a little bit of extra time for your online search, and if you're willing to do that you'll discover an excellent selection of modest wedding dresses.

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